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Cooking Rice and Peas Jamaican Style

Many people identify Jamaica with beautiful white sand beaches with clear blue waters. Jamaica offers more than unspoiled nature, given its motto – Out of many one people, one will find a mixture of ethnicities and more which have impacted on some of the traditional dishes we now prepare today. One such traditional dish is rice and peas, which has become famous as one of our Sunday Jamaican dishes. Rice and peas is prepared using a combination of rice and peas. This dish provides a good source of complex carbohydrates and a healthy balance of proteins; the addition of herbs such as pimento seeds, fresh thyme and scallion gives this dish a wonderful aroma and an unusual â€Å"kick† to the olfactory glands. This dish is usually served with meat, poultry or fish, as the rice and peas counteracts the spiciness of the main meat dish. Preparing this dish is not as complicated as one may think, and if one takes a chance to try it, then one might just find themselves loving it. The four major steps that are involved in the making of this dish are the gathering of the ingredients, the preparation of the peas, the extraction of the coconut milk and the cooking process. First, you will need to gather all the needed ingredients to make the rice and peas. The appetizing set of ingredients vital for this dish are: red kidney beans, rice, garlic, green scotched bonnet pepper, escallion, thyme, salt to taste and coconut milk or a coconut. Please remember that the coconut milk and the herbs used are very essential for the taste of this dish and it will make the difference from the other types of rice dishes that you might have had before. Several pieces of equipment are also necessary: medium-sized bowl, measuring cup, fork and spoon and a pot. Having obtained all of the specified ingredients and equipment, the next step is the preparation of the peas or beans and the dry coconut. Many types of beans can be used such as red kidney beans, pigeon peas, gungo peas and black-eyed beans and cowpeas. If fresh peas are being used then these have to be washed and boiled for forty-five (45) minutes or more until tender. If dried beans are used, soaking them overnight in plenty of cold garlic water is recommended. After that rinse and drain the soaked beans and boil in fresh salted water until tender. The peas can be tested to see if they are cooked by crushing them against the lid of the pot. If they crush easily, then you are ready to move on to the next step. The next step is the extraction of the coconut milk. Using a metal skewer the softest eye of the coconut must be pierced to drain the liquid into a bowl. With a hammer or the back of a heavy machete break shell and with the point of a sturdy knife pry the meat out of the shell in chunks doing so carefully. Grate coconut on small tear drop shaped holes of a four sided grater or finely chop in a food processor or a blender. To make the coconut milk, water should be added to the grated coconut pulp and be left in the bowl for about five (5) minutes. Using a fine sieve or cloth pressed in the hand to extract the liquid and keep out the coconut pulp. It is important to note that once the liquid is extracted hot water can once again be poured on the same coconut flesh to make another extract. You are now ready to begin cooking. The previous step is very important because the coconut milk helps to add the unique flavour to this traditional meal. The extracted coconut milk along with garlic is added to the pot in which the peas and water have been simmering. When the peas are fully cooked, salt, uncut scotch bonnet pepper, thyme and escallion are added to the pot. The aroma from the herbs makes their presence known and there will be a strong sinus healing smell that will tickle the inside of your nose. After all the ingredients have been cooking together for a time or more importantly when the peas are fully tender and deemed to be cooked, the washed rice is then added to pot. A fork or wooden spoon can be used to combine everything. It is recommended that this dish be prepared on a low fire until done. If all the steps above are followed, one can say that they have now mastered the art of cooking Jamaican rice and peas from scratch using a combination of basic ingredients found in Jamaica. The processing time is approximately two (2 hours or more. I’m quite sure that given the tastiness of this dish it will be eaten in less time than that. Please follow all the suggested steps and include all the listed necessary ingredients and you will see or rather taste the end result.

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Economic Icon: Chris Biehler

Economics is the social science that deals with the allocation of scarce resources, working to obtain the greatest satisfaction from society's unlimited wants. Many factors that deal with economics is the concepts of demand and supply. While most people may not really realize how economic takes place in their everyday life, while it is very obvious that it does. My job of working at a McDonald's is very much related to what I have learns in our economic course. The law of Demand states that the quantity of demanded of a good or service is inversely related to the price of a good or service. To have a demand for something you must be willing and able to purchase the good or service at the various prices during that time period. This is related to my job in many ways. There are five factors that make up the non-price determinants of demand, Income, tastes and preference, the price of related goods, expectations and population. So with the concept of demand if a person wants McDonald's then they must be willing and able to pay for the food and services. The first nonprice determinant being income. If a persons income changes they may not come to McDonalds as much anymore because they can now afford nicer good or services. Making a McDonald's an inferior good. An Inferior good is when there is an inverse relationship between income and demand. Another example may be now that your income has increased people may come to McDonald's more and buy a larger quantity of food, making it a normal good. Another determinant would be tastes and preferences, if people get in the mind set and McDonald's may cause obesity may increase, the demand for McDonald's may decrease while the demand for a healthier product may increase. Another example is price of related goods. The two types of related goods are substitutes and compliments. For example if price was to increase at McDonald's then people may go to Burger King to satisfy their fast food needs. Compliments would be if the price of burgers increase then the demand for fries may decrease because everyone knows that you do not go to McDonald's and not order french fries. Resulting in the ration customer going to buy other things. Another example is expectations, if people expect a pay bonus then, they may go out and buy things. A final determinant is population, the quantity demanded will increase if there are more people in society that are willing and able to buy McDonald's. Not only is demand related to my life but supply is as well. Supply is the willingness and ability of producers to sell a good or service at various prices during that given time period. The law of supply is the quantity demanded of a certain good or service is positively related to its price. One determinant is relevant resources. Another determinant is a change in technology. If McDonald's had advanced machine that would cook meat faster than food would be able to cook much fast and service would be quicker making more customers come to our store. Another example is change is the use of product. If the price of milkshakes increase, people may want to buy more ice cream resulting in our McDonald's being able to use the mix toward sundaes and cones. Another determinant would be change in expectations. Due to the summer months coming up McDonald's may increase or prepare to order more cases of the strawberry lemonade. A change in a number of producers is another determinant. Meaning that as supply increase or decrease their may be an increase or decrease in producers. Taxes and subsidies are more determinants alone with the weather. If the weather is poor and the McDonald's floods the supply will decrease. Another Thing that I find to relate to my life from what I have learned in our economic class is price floor. A price floor is a minimum is the legal minimum price below which a good or service may not be sold. For example minimum wage. As the prices in our economy increase, if there wasn't a price floor then McDonald's may want to offer lower wages, making it harder for a person to live. During our micro economics class there have been many aspects that I can relate to my life. This class is allowing my to expand my horizons and further understand economic concepts and how they apply to my life and the people's lives around me.

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Assessment of the Interactive Behavior Style

According to the DISC Platinum Rule Assessment, the â€Å"Interactive† behavior style defines people who are highly focused on other people. They love being around groups and they are fond of being involved in groups. They are generally extroverts and they do not like to be alone. They love working with other people. And they are very sociable. According to the assessment, people who are â€Å"interactive† get their motivation from being around other people. Their ultimate goal is to get other people’s recognition. They want to earn applause, acceptance, and complements.If recognition from other people is not present, they will ultimately lose their interest in whatever they are doing. Their drive to strive for their goals comes from other people. Most of the time, their ultimate goal is to earn to be appreciated. As for their decision making and their lifestyles, people categorized under the â€Å"interactive† behavior are very fast paced. They do not lik e routines. They are very spontaneous. Because of their liveliness, they usually want to do a lot of things all at the same time. Even if they are still involved with one activity, they jump to another task. That is why they often end up so disorganized.Aside from disliking everyday habitual activities, interactive people also don’t like facts. They do not like details. Instead, they generalize information. They base their conclusions on â€Å"guesstimates† than on highly objective and empirical data. That is why they often exaggerate. Interactive people also work well with others. Because they are sociable, they usually tend to attract the attention of others. They also have the ability to motivate others in order to work towards a common goal that they also pursue. They are perfect for those professions and careers that require excellent rapport with other people.They should be in the field of sales, entertainment, public relations, social welfare, and the like. Appl ication of Strengths and Weaknesses Just like what the assessment states, I am optimistic. I see life as an opportunity to do various activities. I am positive and cheerful. Everyday, my greatest accomplishment seems to stem from fulfilling one or two lively activities. Even if there is really nothing to do outside, I make it a point to go out and to look for something that I can occupy myself with. I love being around other people and that is probably why I value my friends so much.I also like going to parties and other social activities. I make it a point to form new friends despite the fact that I already have many acquaintances. Whenever I go to social gatherings, I make it a point to meet a new friend. I am one of those few people that you cannot alienate even if you expose me to groups of people that I do not know. I am also persuasive and very motivating. I can easily talk my friends into doing something I believe is terrific. In addition to that, I am very enthusiastic. I th ink it is a total waste of time to be lying around and doing nothing.I love engaging in various activities, even those which I am not very familiar with. I am passionate about living life to the fullest. However, because I do love engaging in many activities, I often become careless primarily because I am often preoccupied with so many things all at the same time. This is also probably the reason why I often end up being disorganized. My initially planned schedule for the day often gets tangled with the other activities that I usually want to slip in it. Analysis of the behavior assessment The analysis seems to be quite accurate in describing the prime motivators, strengths, and weaknesses of a person.The data yielded is very useful primarily because it was very thorough in describing the assessed person. It includes the possible conflicts associated with his set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as the possible steps that can be taken to solve such conflicts. The data provided i n the assessment can largely contribute to overall self-improvement. Understanding your tendencies and gaining insight on your personality can improve rapport and communication with other people. It can predict job performance and potential leadership skills (Kierstead, 1998). It can also be used in understanding the personalities of other people.In a personal case, it can help one concentrate on his strengths while altering his weaknesses. However, it should be noted that people should not confine their identities to the discussed test results (Carey,2004). Also, I have noticed that some characteristics of a particular behavior type often overlap some of the traits of the other types. Though the delineation between the types is often very obvious in the initial description, the question of exclusivity between the characteristics can be observed in the specific details of the subtypes of the behavior assessment.Also, although the results of the assessments are quite accurate, it sho uld be noted that people should not confine their self concept with the descriptions provided by behavioral evaluation, no matter how elaborate they are. Regardless of how complete and concise the assessment results are, people should realize that the results were based on a personality evaluation taken during a certain period of time at a certain moment in a person’s life. In simple terms, it is relatively an accurate assessment of someone’s here and now.It should be noted that people are rapidly evolving beings that can radically alter their behavior and personality over time, based on the set of experiences and challenges that come their way. A person with an interactive behavior type can transform into one who has a cautious or dominant behavior after having one of those life changing experiences or major life turn points. Basically, a technical generalization of the personalities of men should not be regarded as the sole indicator of how a person should be interpr eted.It should not be sued as a basis of what kind of people should one get along with. Confining your analysis of people into four types or sixteen subtypes can greatly promote stereotyping. As such, these should not be used as the sole basis of interaction with other people. In order to ascertain the adaptability and the efficiency of this behavior evaluation, such forms of assessments should be taken regularly in order to form comprehensive and accurate concepts of one’s self.

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Bi-Lingual Education

Bi-Lingual Education Essay Bilingual EducationEducation is very important. There use to be a time when you didn’t have to go to school. When it was only important for men to have an education. Times have really changed. Now it is crucial for everyone in our society to have an education. Survival is the main reason: a cohesive society is another. Our schools today need to keep Bilingual education as a tool for teaching: not only for the sake of our society but also for the sense of our culture. Bilingual education in our schools is crucial: but still there is talk about banning the use of foreign language in the instruction of our young children. We have to work to change that kind of attitude. We have to proceed from the assumption that bilingual education is a sound educational proposition for all children and that it addresses the needs of all the constituencies of education. Now more than ever the words of Thomas Jefferson ring with special meaning: in 1977, in a letter to his nephew, Jefferson said: â€Å"Bestow great attention on Spanish and endeavor to acquire an accurate knowledge of it. Our future connections with Spain and Spanish America will render that language a valuable acquisition. The ancient history of that part of America, too, is written in that language†. (qt. in A Relook ’66). Hispanic leaders should plan an initiative to help Hispanic youths do better in school. Its a coming-together as a community to deal with a very pressing issue. The organizations should be composed of public officials, students, educators, administrators, and business people and should try to determine the biggest problems facing Latino students in their community. These groups need to work together to develop a statewide agenda. Hispanic students, according to some studies, lag behind other students in classroom performance; have the highest dropout rate of any ethnic group in the country; and, according to federal data, are less likely to pursue higher learning(Tucson â⠂¬â„¢66). We as a society, need to have a school system that prepares our students for higher education if that is their choice. Society needs to work together to change the educational process for Latino students. Consider these numbers, which we drew from As A Relook at Tucson ’66 states† Minority groups are being shortchanged by more than 200,000 teaching jobs in the public elementary and secondary schools of the nation. In 1972, the enrollment of the nation’s public schools was 44.6 million. As a relook at Tucson ’66 states, the number of English speakers in the Western Hemisphere is only slightly larger than that of Spanish speakers. By the year 2000 the number of Spanish speakers will be far greater than the number of english speakers. Statistics indicate that the United States is now one of the major Spanish-American countries. One statistical example: If the figures on illegal Mexican aliens are correct, that means that every year the United States adds another city the size of Albuquerque and Tucson combined. Or, put it another way, it adds another state larger in population than Wyoming and Alaska combined†(a relook at Tucson 14). The policy of most governments toward bilingualism in the home is and long has been one of neglect. A few countries actively encourage it, especially if the second (non-community) language is the more important language in the country or in the world, or if the minority (community) language is the language of a group given special consideration under the law. Many countries, which have recently been colonies, for example, encourage their young people to learn the language of their former Mother Country, because bilingualism of this type is important in international trade and politics. However, we could find castles full of research and still very little is being done in public schools to improve and enforce bilingual education. We have to use the research being conducted about bilingual edu cation and improve bilingual education. Some public schools want to stop bilingual education, saying that its detrimental to students but they dont put any consideration in improving it, or educating themselves on the needs of not just Latino but all children. All bilingual children deserve further discussion on the issues of culture, immigration, ethnicity and adjustment. READ: Free Grapes of Wraths: Steinbeck's Language Essay Truly bilingual workers, proficient in English and a second language, will be more valuable and marketable as global trade continues to grow. With these facts in mind, some states are launching a visionary effort to develop a dual-language work force. The idea is to convince local school districts to offer a second language beginning at the prekindergarten level and encourage employers to help adults learn another language. Spanish is an obvious second-language choice for many because of the rapid growth of Hispanics in our country. The relationship with Mexico and Latin America will grow stronger if businesses take advantage of their position and opportunity. More than 22,500,000 of our countries population already speaks Spanish However, officials cite a growing demand for more Spanish-speaking professionals. The future work force would be better positioned to build international connections if most professionals had a second language. Students would gain a better understanding of the world by learning another language. Pursuing a dual-language work force is a sound idea that will boost the countries’ economy and personally benefit its individuals. We as a society should encourage local school districts, businesses and civic-minded groups to embrace the effort. We must try to build a society were human diversity is promoted and not destroyed. The key to program improvement is not in finding a program that works for all children and all localities, or finding a program component (such as native language instruction) that works as some sort of magic bullet, but rather finding a set of program components that works for the children in the community of interest, given the goals, and resources of that community. The best bilingual education programs include all of these characteristics: ESL instruction, sheltered subject matter teaching, and instruction in the first language. Non-English-speakin g children initially receive core instruction in the primary language along with ESL instruction. As children grow more proficient in English, they learn subjects using more contextualized language (math and science) in sheltered classes taught in English, and eventually in mainstream classes. In this way, the sheltered classes function as a bridge between instruction in the first language and in the mainstream. In advanced levels, the only subjects done in the first language are those demanding the most abstract use of language (social studies and language arts). Once full mainstreaming is complete, advanced first language development is available as an option. Gradual exit plans, such as these, avoid problems associated with exiting children too early (before the English they encounter is comprehensible) and provide instruction in the first language where it is most needed. These plans also allow children to have the advantages of advanced first language development. A common argu ment against bilingual education is the observation that many people have succeeded without it. This has certainly happened. In these cases, however, the successful person got plenty of comprehensible input in the second language, and in many cases had a de facto bilingual education program. For example, Rodriguez (1982) and de la Pe?a (1991) are often cited as counter-evidence to bilingual education. Rodriguez (1982) tells us that he succeeded in school without a special program and acquired a very high level of English literacy. He had two crucial advantages, however, that most limited- English-proficient (LEP) children do not have. First, he grew up in an English-speaking neighborhood in Sacramento, California, and thus got a great deal of informal comprehensible input from classmates. Many LEP children today encounter English only at school; they live in neighborhoods where Spanish prevails. In addition, Rodriguez became a voracious reader, which helped him acquire academic lang uage. Most LEP children have little access to books. READ: Customer Service In Abc Stores EssayRandom assignment to treatment and control groups, as in medical experiments, is the highest quality research design because it increases the confidence in the conclusion that any differences between the groups after a period of treatment can be attributed to that treatment. The results from the five studies in which subjects were randomly assigned to bilingual and control programs favor bilingual education even more strongly. The estimated benefit of bilingual programs on all test scores in English according to these studies with random assignment is .26 of a standard deviation. The positive effect on reading scores is .41 of a standard deviation among the studies with random assignment. And the improvement in scores measured in Spanish is .92 of a standard deviation in the studies with random assignment to treatment and control groups. All of these estimated benefits of bilingual education from studies with random assignment are extremel y unlikely to have been produced by chance. The fact that the studies of bilingual programs with random assignment, the highest quality research design, have even stronger results greatly increases the confidence in the conclusion that bilingual education positively affects educational attainment. In sum, the NRC report finds that on average, bilingual education programs are more effective than English-only programs. However, there are many other important factors that influence student outcomes. There is much more work left to do by the schools if we are to enable LEP students to achieve at high academic levels. Improvement would have to focus on teachers, teaching, academic content and standards, accountability, school-wide leadership, program integration, parent involvement-and effective use of the native language to assure high level and meaningful learning for all students from the time they enter school. Proposition 227 removes an important tool use of the native language fr om the hands of educators it would only serve to make even more difficult the challenges of school improvement. A society with no education cannot compete in the modern world. We as a society need to fight to keep Bilingual education as a teaching tool in the schooling system. Social Issues

Unguarded Gates vs. A Broadway Pageant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unguarded Gates vs. A Broadway Pageant - Essay Example His enthusiasm overshoots his subjects, as Whitman makes references to different races, ethnicities and cultures of the world with poetic grace. This is in sharp contrast with Thomas Aldrichs poem, titled Unguarded Gates, which takes on hues of Xenophobia and White Supremecist attitude. In fact, the poem is so laced with hostility and fear toward other races and cultures that it would shock anyone reading today. It should be noted that not all of Aldrichs poems were like this, which explains why he was considered an important poet during his lifetime. But given that the poem was written toward the end of the nineteenth century and that Aldrich could not have foreseen the occurrence of the two World Wars, his attitude toward other peoples of the world, is more a product of ignorance than one of malice. Even Whitmans poem bears marks of cultural ignorance, a his references to the other exotic parts of the world is clichà ©d and stereotypical. In A Broadway Pageant, the reader can clearly see that Whitmans view of the Orient and beyond is no more than that acquired through postcard pictures and popular trivia. But Whitmans ignorance in this regard does not mitigate against the spirit of the poem, which is one of respect and regard for the cultural outsiders. At the time of Whitmans writing of the poem (circa 1860) the trans-pacific relations between the Orient and the New World was in its inf ancy. It would see its peak in the coming decades, before meeting the nadir during the 1940s, when Japan and the United States were are war. But, despite this temporary setback, it is a testament to the spirit of human solidarity that the two countries have maintained amicable economic relations ever since. This is consistent with the basic theme of A Broadway Pageant. Considering the times we live in, with the phenomenon of economic

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Teach Me a Piece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Teach Me a Piece - Essay Example In the later years, artists who were inspired to compose music with influences from Patton referred to him as their founding father. This paper will give a discussion on how the piece â€Å"High water everywhere† was constructed in terms of lyrics, the importance of the piece to me and audience at large and the social situation of the pieces composition. The discussion will also include the appropriate readings of the piece, and conclude with the important issues from the reading. The piece â€Å"High water everywhere†, has been constructed in two parts, the first part of the piece has seven verses, while the second part has six verses. The lyric is a lamentation of the flood calamity that had affected the whole of Mississippi. The lyrics continue on to address the aftermath of the flood, and what people ought to do to save one another from more harm. Patton, talks of how he wants to move to various places around the state, but those places too, had been affected by the flood that hit Mississippi. The melody in the song is smooth, since the piece itself had a theme of consoling the individuals faced by the calamity. The lyrics make the listeners of the piece emotional as it features a real story about peoples suffering. Patton sang solo while playing a guitar (Springer 60). The piece is important to me due to a number of reasons. I respect Patton from the start because he pioneered the development of a new genre of music better known as delta blues. Pattons creativity aided in the development of a novel genre of music, which had never been witnessed before. The piece is also important since it has embedded history in a form of melody. The piece managed to ease the pain experienced by victims of the Mississippi floods. The piece is one of the songs in the 1920s that took to heart a social situation. Most artists, during the 1920s, composed songs whose themes addressed issues of love and the general art of seduction. I am intrigued with Patton because

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Media Coverage of Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Media Coverage of Climate Change - Essay Example The mention of virtue is ridiculed, and even the word itself has fallen out of favor" (1928). This assignment reflects on the media coverage of climate change in United Kingdom and struggle towards exploring how British newspaper reports on climate change. There are some historical issues that have been discussed in this analytical report. It also provide with the literature review of history of climate change and how the media contributed a great deal towards communicating environmental issues. It also sheds light on how some famous newspapers of Britain reporting on climate change. According to research, if newspapers do not exaggerate it will be more meaningful and real to public. As a reporter, they need to find out how they can report the news that engage public and awake their attention rather than create havoc among them. The review of literature will look at several British newspapers related to reporting climate change. It will also shed some light on what is Climate change, what is Global Warming and how it effects the environment. Climate is the pattern of weather in a particular place, how much windy and sunshine it gets, how much rain it's going to be is all included in weather change. As we all know the world climate is all under the influence of sun. Since the beginning of the universe, the earth rotates on a tilted axis, and because of this different of the world is heated at different times making some places hotter than other and cause change in season. The change in temperature causes the change in air pressure, producing storms, hurricanes. The sun's temperature also warms up the seas unevenly which sometimes causes underwater winds. Association between atmosphere and oceans sometimes produce critical weather patterns such as El-Nino, a sort of strange weather happens every few years in the pacific. Scientists are of the view that large amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere, and hotter temperature on earth affects the climate and brings change across the whole planet. And this change is already on its way to earth in different parts of the world. But it's nothing new. Earth's climate has been changing over from the past hundreds of millions of years, sometime getting colder sometimes warmer. Climate change people talk about these days is somewhat different. Scientists believe that it is not happening naturally but our way of living and consumption is making it happen. Mostly it is caused by gradual increase in fossil fuels. Traditional or natural climate change makes the whole world hotter or cooler, whereas modern climate change is making more erratic changes all over the places, making some places hotter and some cooler. This is what Global Warming is. Global warming works according to climate change. It's all because of what people do. Earth is getting warmer year by year but not in the sense of short term. It has been happening since 1990. Since then the whole planet has warmed up upto 0.8 degrees centigrade. And it is likely that by the end of the 21st century it's going to get 2.5 degree centigrade